We are delighted to invite you to the 3rd Annual Automotive Lightweight Materials Conference 2019 to be held in Berlin, Germany on the 12-13 of November 2019.

The conference is dedicated to latest techniques, trends and strategies in lightweight automotive industry and interaction with top automotive leaders in various specializations.
This educational and informational conference will be focusing on key questions of designing lightweight structures and selecting the optimal combination of high strength steel, aluminium and reinforced plastics to help OEMs create the next generation of light vehicles meeting new regulatory standards on safety, emissions and performance
The 3rd Annual Automotive Lightweight Materials Conference 2019 will bring together engineers, managers, automotive specialists and others interested in latest technologies and strategies in lightweight automotive industry.
We are looking forward to welcome you to Berlin on November 12-13, 2019

Who should attend:

General Managers, Chief Engineers, Research Leads, Senior Managers, Department Managers, Deputy Managers, Supervisors, Senior Engineers, Senior Specialists from:
– Manufacturing;
– Advanced Technology;
– Advanced Technology Research;
– Body Manufacturing Strategy;
– Architecture;
– Advanced Product Creation;
– Advanced Engineering;
– Manufacturing Research And Innovation;
– Manufacturing Strategies and Planning;
– Assembly;
– Composite Manufacturing;
– Lightweight Technology;
– Forming;
– Joining;
– Stamping;
– Bonding;
– Assembly Processes;
– Fastening;
– Weight Engineering;
– Body-in-White;
– Repair.


– Passenger Vehicles
– Commercial Vehicles
– Heavy Trucks
– Vehicle Parts
– Processing Machinery
– Iron and Steel
– High-strength Steel
– Magnesium Aluminum Alloy
– Carbon Fiber
– Engineering Plastics
– Composite Materials
– Mold Casting
– Model Design
– Technology and Service

Key Points:

– Aluminum Applications for Vehicle Weight Reduction
– Multi-Material Technologies for Electric Vehicles
– Autonomous Vehicles Lightweight Technologies
– UHSS Use in Automotive Structures
– Joining Technologies for UHSS and Aluminum
– 3D Printing Metal Weight Reduction
– Plastic Parts Additive Manufacturing
– Dissimilar Materials Joining
– Sustainable Solutions
– Industry 4.0


To discuss the attendee opportunities or register for the event please contact:
Sophia Davis
Conference Producer
Tel.: +420 226 633 310
E-mail address: sophia.davis@bcfgroup.eu

Operations Manager
Tel.: +420 228 225 415
E-mail address: operations@bcfgroup.eu